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Gotland Wool

Our approach

We are based in Lithuania which still has cold winters and chilly autumns. So, we know the value of warmth and comfort provided by natural wool.

That’s why we decided to go for Scandinavian wool. It is one of the best natural protections from the cold you can find in the world! Plus, Gotland wool has a special look that goes perfectly with our idea of design.

Top quality. Special features. Good price.


Our Gotland wool:

- 100% pure Scandinavian new wool is used for our items;
- Our sheep wool comes from the island of Gotland, Sweeden;
- No chemicals are used in the production process;
- Our wool items are made in Lithuania.

Why Gotland wool?

The Gotland sheep breed is native to the Faroe Islands in Denmark. This historic breed tells a long story of Viking traders, island settlements, and long and cold winters. Traditionally the colour of the Gotland sheep even varies from year to year, depending on the grass they graze on.

Gotland sheep provide us with truly unique wool that has a special silvery quality. The fleece of Gotland sheep has one of the most lustrous & silky fibres in the world that will perfectly protect you from cold.

Our wool items are only made of new wool. It means that the wool has strong, fine and durable fibres. New wool produces soft, warm and long-lasting items.

As no chemicals are used in a process of production, you may still smell the sheep when you unpack our wool item. Don't worry – the sheep smell is proof that the blanket is all natural and this smell will go away in about a month.

Our wool blankets are made in Lithuania.

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