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Bedroommood owners

Our story

Hello, we are Jurgita and Tomas, founders of Bedroommood. Bedroommood is our family business. We both work in the business on a daily basis and are involved in every aspect of it. We always dreamt about creating a one-stop shop for high-quality bedroom products. Our key goal when creating products is to offer the highest quality at the most affordable price so that more of you could experience luxury sleep products. Quality sleep and time in bed are luxuries these days. We hope that the feeling of comfort and modern aesthetics of our products will make you want to spend more time in bed and will make your bedroom a welcoming place for your sleep, relationships and rest. 

Woman sleeping in Bedroommood bedding

Why does sleep matter?

In a world where everyone's in a constant rush and sleep deprivation has become a new, almost cool norm, we are advocating the opposite. Regular, quality sleep ensures a long and healthy life, boosts creativity and helps our brain and body get rid of toxins that accumulate throughout the day. Pure magic happens while we are sound asleep – our energy levels rise, our mood improves, and our body and mind are replenished.

Bedroommood bedding being made

Manufactured in Lithuania

We are incredibly proud to be producing our garments in Lithuania, as that way we can ensure maximum quality that we supervise at every step. We work with manufacturers that have years of experience and are proud of their heritage and top-notch quality. A relatively small, yet potent enterprise is not only loved by us – it's a globally known business, which, in fact, is often chosen by our competitors, too.

Bedroommood Team

The team behind Bedroommood

We are an international team from Lithuania, Estonia and Germany. The majority of us are based in Lithuania. We test our products on daily basis and always look for ways to improve; not just materials, but the delivery of products to your home, the way we speak to you, and the way we explain our product so the choice is understandable and clear to you. If you have any questions send us a message. We always try to reply in your language and are here to solve any questions. 

Getting to know your fabrics

Here are some useful articles on fabric care, different fabric specifics and other tips. Get most of your sleep