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Cotton: Percale and Satten

Long-staple cotton

Our approach

When it comes to fabrics, we strive to provide you with the best quality and price mix.

There are three points that determine the quality of fabrics for bed linen:

- The fibre it is made from;
- The method of fabric weave;
- The thread count.

We carefully took account of all of them.

The quality materials not only give your linens longer life, but they also ensure a perfect feel on your body.

We are on the road towards pure rest. Take a journey with us!


Our cotton:

- We only use quality long-staple cotton for our linens;
- 300 thread count;
- All our cotton is Oeko-Tex® certified;
- All our linens are made in Lithuania.


Long-staple cotton:

- Strong;
- Resistant to stress;
- Extremely soft to the touch;

Why does thread count matter?

Thread count is the number of threads (vertically and horizontally) woven into one square inch of fabric. As the tread count rises, the fabric becomes softer and denser.

When threads are finer, as is the case with pure Egyptian cotton, more threads can be woven into each square inch. The result is finer, softer and stronger fabric. The higher the thread count, the higher the quality of the linens.

The standard cotton fabric usually has around 150 thread count. The thread count of all our fabrics starts at 300.

Percale and sateen – what is the difference?

Both percale and sateen linens are made of cotton. The difference is in the way threads are woven together.


Percale has a crisp, airy feel and it has a more casual look, produced by its matte finish. Quality percale usually gets better with every wash.

All our percale fabrics are stone washed for extra softness. This percale does not need ironing as creases are part of its casual look and feel.

Percale facts:

- Crisp, cool feel;
- Breathability (cool in summer, warm in winter);
- Durability, longevity;
- Casual, matte look.


Sateen is more tightly woven. Its weave has more yarn surface on the face of the cloth than other basic weaves. That’s why it turns softer and has a more lustrous look.

Sateen linens are softer than percale and have a silk-like touch.

Sateen facts:

- Smooth, silk-like feel;
- Softer, heavier & warmer;
- Luxurious, shiny look.

Percale vs sateen

So, which one is better – percale or sateen? We love and use both. It comes to your personal taste and idea of your bed. In both cases, you will get top-quality fabrics from us.

100% long-staple cotton bedding

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