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Protect your pillows - and yourself - with our innovative protector.

Why do we recommend using a pillow protector?

This soft and breathable pillow protector will extend the lifetime of your pillow. It will protect from sweat, cosmetic residue, dust mites, and wear and tear. This protector acts as a barrier, preserving the form and freshness of your pillows for years to come.

Refresh the look of your pillow

If you invest in a good quality pillow, at the same time you should get a pillow protector. Despite the great quality of your pillow it's inevitable to get natural stains which create an unpleasant look and feel. A pillow protector will help to avoid stains, keep your pillow clean and extend its lifetime. 

It also acts as a barrier against allergens such as dust mites, which can thrive in pillows and trigger allergies or respiratory issues. A pillow protector will ensure a hygienic and comfortable sleep environment.

Let's compare

With Bedroommood pillow protector Without a pillow protector
The pillow will look like new for many years
because it will be protected from dirt and stains.

Unpleasant look and feel because of sweat
stains, cosmetic residue, and wear and tear.
Allergy prevention
The pillow protector is an additional protective
barrier between you and your pillow.

Your skin will be closer to dust mites and
allergens that can accumulate on the pillow.
Soft and breathable 100% long-staple
Oeko-Tex certified cotton sateen.

Can be made from polyester, is not breathable,
and not safe for your skin.
With a pillow protector, you can wash your
pillow only once a year. Pillow protectors should
be washed 3-4 times a year.

The pillow will have to be washed often.
Difficult to avoid natural stains and remove them completely.
The pillow protector has a hidden zipper
that helps to keep the pillow in place.
Stylish tailoring with an embroidered logo
will make the pillow look more elegant.

Five stars

Kristina L.

I recently added this pillow protector to my bedding, and it's been great! The quality is top-notch, and the zipper works seamlessly. It's made a noticeable difference in keeping my pillow clean and fresh. Highly recommend!

Five stars

Susanne M.

Bedroommood's pillow protector is a game-changer! Not only does it keep my pillows looking and feeling brand new, but it also provides an extra layer of comfort and protection. Plus, knowing it's hypoallergenic and chemical-free gives me peace of mind for a truly restful night's sleep. A must-have addition to any bedroom!

Five stars

Katrin D.

I'm 100% satisfied. The feel of natural, breathable materials is super nice. Also, the embroidered logo adds a touch of elegance to my bedding. It's the perfect blend of style and functionality.

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