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down-like fluffiness.

Softness, warmth, fluffiness and excellent air circulation - premium hypoallergenic Dacron Quallofil® filling mimics the finest features of natural down.

Adjustable firmness

A convenient zipper feature that allows you to customize your sleeping experience effortlessly. 

With the ability to remove the filling, you can tailor the pillow's height to achieve the perfect level of comfort and support for a restful night's sleep.

What makes this pillow special?

Dacron Comforel® premium filling

The thousands of Dacron® cluster fibres in this pillow form perfectly to the shape of your head and neck, adjusting to your movements and providing the right level of support throughout your sleep.

Retains shape

Dacron Comforel® cluster fibres have been designed to resist crushing and matting: your pillow will keep its initial shape for a long time and it is easily refluffable, just like down or feathers.

German quality 

Sleep peacefully with these award-winning, Oeko-tex-certified duvets that feature premium comfort and sustainability.


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