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How to wash bed sheets?

How to wash bed sheets?

Having purchased a set of Egyptian cotton bedding, you are probably wondering how to make it last as long as possible and preserve that wonderful feeling of brand-new sheets. The longevity of the product depends highly on its care, so here are some guidelines that will help you keep your bedding smooth and soft for years.

Read the care label

In the product's care label, you will find the maximum temperature for washing – 40 C (104 F). You should never exceed it, as higher temperatures may damage the soft cotton – both sateen and percale. If any stains occur, pre-wash them with a special soap. Also, ensure you don't overload your washing machine – bedding should be able to be spun loosely. Always wash your bedding on a mild cycle – gentle fabrics need gentle care.

Separate your laundry

Only beddings of similar colors should be washed together, and whites cannot be washed with anything else. We wouldn’t recommend adding different fabrics to the load, too – avoid mixing clothing or towels in. Before putting into the washing machine, turn your bedding inside out and shake well to get rid of any lint, hair, or dust gathered in the corners. That way you will not only protect your bedding but your washing machine, too. Ensure all zippers and buttons are closed.


Strong detergents, especially those with bleach, can create a false impression of doing a better job. However, they are not intended to protect the fabric. Therefore, after a few washes, you will notice that your bedding starts losing its natural shine and strength. Choose liquid, eco-friendly detergents without bleach to enjoy the best features of sateen and percale for as long as possible.


If you can, allow your bedding to dry naturally, shaking it well before hanging. If you don’t have the opportunity and are using a tumble dryer instead, choose a low temperature and take your laundry out as soon as possible to avoid wrinkles.

To iron or not to iron?

Very few of us enjoy ironing, so percale is a real lifesaver here. Part of its charm and uniqueness comes from natural wrinkles, so it is enough to fold your bedding neatly once it's dry. However, we do recommend ironing your sateen sheets – it refreshes the fabric, making it shinier and smoother.

Extra advice

Keep your clean bedding in your closet, ensuring the natural fabric can breathe. Never put your bedding away while it is still damp, and certainly do not pack it into boxes, especially plastic ones, to avoid yellowing and molding. The humidity also builds up in your bed overnight, as we evaporate roughly 1 liter (or 2 pints) of water every night. So, don’t rush to make your bed as soon as you wake up – leave it for an hour or so to allow the humidity to evaporate. And make sure you change your sheets every week.