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How did we create the perfect pyjama?

How did we create the perfect pyjama?

Bedroommood is about sleep, the bedroom and everything related to it. Pyjamas have been in our plans since day one because what can better set the bedroom mood than pyjamas? :)

From the very beginning, we have been working with a well-known Lithuanian designer Kristina Kruopienyte, who has contributed to the development of Bedroommood products and, for a long time, has been admiring our percale fabric, saying that our percale is perfect for creating clothes, cool, fresh and light, ideal for shirts and pyjamas. One day, we decided to realize our long-standing dream about pyjamas and came to Kristina with all of our percale colours.
We very much enjoyed working with Kristina because she is such a professional designer, she is a person who teaches lectures about sewing, so the whole creative process is of scientific quality. When working with Kristina, we always feel one step ahead. We completely trusted Kristina's creativity, and together we created three parts of women's pyjamas: shirtpants and shorts. We are extremely satisfied with all the details of the pyjamas: the extended sleeves, the pockets, the length of the shirt, the straight cut of the pants, the seams and all the other carefully thought-out details that make the pyjamas so comfortable.
These pyjamas are a unique product of Kristina Kruopienyte and Bedroommood. After creating the perfect design, Kristina directed us to a small, professional sewing shop in Vilnius, which also sews clothes for the National Opera and Ballet Theater and other projects that require diligence and accuracy. This sewing shop does not engage in mass production but devotes a lot of handwork and care to each product. Therefore we can confidently recommend the products and ensure their quality because we know that they are made with great care.

We are especially happy that we have created not only pyjamas but also completely universal, beautiful and comfortable leisure clothes that can be worn in your everyday life. Pyjamas are just the name, but you can wear these shirts, pants and shorts outdoors or in the city, create combinations with other clothes and enjoy the comfort of this loungewear set every day.
That's the story of our pyjamas, we thank Kristina Kruopienyte for her wonderful work and we hope that our pyjamas will become a quality and comfortable part of your sleep and leisure routine.

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