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From Dawn Till Dusk with Evelina Stundžienė

From Dawn Till Dusk with Evelina Stundžienė

  • Published on :09/11/2021
  • Author:Monika

Evelina Stundžienė, a food blogger, a passionate traveller with over 50 countries on her list, and the founder of a recipe group “Karantino kuchnia”, shares her morning and evening routines, her main breakfast ingredient and her favorite ritual of the day.


Usually, I get up at 7, drink a cup of tea or coffee in bed, and read the news.

During summer, my morning routine is slightly out of tune due to early sunrise and a tad of laziness. But usually, I get out of bed around 7:30, when I begin making breakfast and working out. I do both simultaneously – some squats and exercises with weights, then, during breaks in between rounds, I chop some veggies or scramble some eggs. Sometimes, I take out my dog for a walk during this time, too. And breakfast time comes around 9 am.

Eggs are my main breakfast ingredient.

I like pairing them with salmon, cucumbers, avocados, and other vegetables, but often I eat them by themselves – just a tiny bit of quality oil or mayonnaise.

Cooking is my yoga... favorite ritual, which helps me relax and increases creativity. If I didn’t have any other stuff to do, I could probably cook five times a day.

I don’t pay too much attention to health and beauty routines.

Sure, I shower in the morning, but I don’t consider this a beauty ritual. I take supplements rather irregularly and like to change them up. At the moment, I take some for beauty and hair. Before that, I used a supplement subscription and would receive a bunch of them: magnesium, guarana, caraway, B vitamins, griffon, and others. I try to eat lots of fish, lean meat, and vegetables, but I enjoy potatoes and fatty sauces just as much. :)

When I need more energy…

...if I have a chance, I lie down for 15 minutes. I don’t have to fall asleep – laying down with my eyes closed is enough.

Due to the pandemic, I stopped going to the gym...

...and cannot force myself to get back. But I try to work out a little in the morning and, if there’s time, ride a bike.

In my morning routine, I would like to change to...

...spending an hour working out – more than I do now, as I think it’s not enough. I hope my habits will get better once the summer is over.

When travelling, my mornings are very different…

...if I’m in a hotel, I don’t make breakfast. I always try to find something local (perhaps a spicy breakfast soup or something like that), or something I enjoy – meals with eggs. While traveling, there is also a chance I’ll skip some workouts, but I try to use the hotel gyms as much as I can. On the other hand, I move more when I travel – walks through the cities and hikes make up for at least some of the missed workouts.

The nicest breakfast I had while travelling was… Singapore, where I’d usually eat spicy seafood soup.


I don’t have any special evening rituals…

....taking a bath with plenty of candles isn’t my favorite thing to do. In summer, I enjoy spending my evenings out in town, and when the weather is cooler – watching a good movie on the sofa.

When it’s time to take a break from work and relax…

I cook. Making dinner is my favorite way to relax after work. I really do feel rested and happier after that.

If I can’t sleep…

...usually, I roll around for a bit and fall asleep eventually. If the case is really bad, I go to my kitchen to get some chicken broth. Warm liquid makes me sleepier, and I’ve noticed that broths work better than tea.

When traveling, the most I miss… dog and my kitchen. However, I don’t only live in hotels when traveling, so I usually get to enjoy cooking quite a bit anyway.

Evelina's dog Cookie wrapped up in a light blue sateen duvet and a Gotland wool blanket.

All I need in the bedroom is…

...a bed with plenty of pillows and a glass of water next to it. :)

On my bedside table, I keep…

...a glass of water, supplements, lamp, jewellery, hair bands, magnesium spray.

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