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Down duvet and pillow

Sleep like on a cloud: goose down comforters - for both winter and summer

Not many things invite you to jump into bed with as much joy as a bed with goose-down comforters! Maximum and versatile comfort, a sense of luxury and significantly better sleep quality are the things that keep goose-down duvets at the top of the bedroom dream list. Quality goose-down duvets do not cause allergies, they are easy to wash and dry, and with proper care, they last for many years. 

Goose-down duvets adapt to the body temperature, they are super lightweight but warm, so can quickly create pleasant heat and spread it evenly, at the same time these duvets prevent overheating because they are extremely breathable and prevent moisture from accumulating. Because of the natural adaptation to the body temperature goose-down comforters are ideal both for winter and summer, when you want cosy warmth or when you are looking for a light layer, under which you will not overheat and sleep cool all night.
Due to the same properties, goose-down comforters are also suitable for people prone to night sweats - the sweat evaporates quickly, so the body remains dry and you can enjoy the quality and comfortable sleep, waking up better rested.

The lightness of down bedding also contributes to sleeping comfort. For example, the filling of the Bedroommood 200x220cm universal comforter weighs only 580 grams, which creates the feeling of sleeping on a cloud and helps you rest even better at night.

Down duvets are also suitable for people with allergies because they are naturally hypoallergenic - they do not cause sneezing, or runny nose and do not irritate sensitive skin. The main condition is that duvets must be properly and qualitatively made - the filling has to be thoroughly cleaned from dust and other unwanted materials. Bedroommood down comforters have the NOMITE quality certificate, which ensures an unfavorable environment for dust mites. And the Standard 100 OEKO-TEX® certificate which ensures that the bedding does not contain any harmful chemicals.
Goose-down comforters are always more expensive than synthetic ones or ones filled with feathers, but the impeccable quality and longevity justify the price. When used for a long time, synthetic filling duvets start to lose their shape and function to maintain heat and sleeping comfort, while this is not the case with goose down - the duvets retain their properties even over the years.

By the way, taking care of down inserts is also not difficult - they can be machine washed at a temperature of even 60 degrees, and they are also easy to dry!

It is important to mention that after purchasing the duvet, it is recommended to give it a good shake outdoors, because the duvet may have some fluff left over from production, which can spread around the room and irritate you when changing the bedding. Fluff will come off after a good airing of the duvet, but as this is a natural product, a small amount of fluff can escape even through the very strong material.

When changing the bedding, it is also recommended to air out the duvet or leave it outside for a few hours. Fresh air and sunlight evaporate the moisture accumulated during the night and give the duvet a very pleasant freshness.
Once you purchase a goose-down comforter, you'll know you've invested in years of comfort and quality sleep.