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What does Oeko-Tex certified mean?

What does Oeko-Tex certified mean?

While wandering through our website, you have probably noticed that all our fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified. We wear this label with pride, and there are a few reasons for it. Here, we introduce the certification, so you know why it’s important and what it really means.

What is Oeko-Tex

The STANDARD Oeko-Tex 100 is a global certification system for textiles. It can be used for various stages of textile finish and includes not only the fabrics themselves but also accessories. So, when we say our bed linens are Oeko-Tex certified, we do not only mean we use responsible fabrics. It means that all the buttons, threads, and even labels have been checked and match the standard.

What does Oeko-Tex ensure

The certification covers a wide range of criteria. First, all the legally forbidden chemicals are checked. It ensures that various colorants and other additives, not allowed by local and global authorities, are not in presence when producing the fabrics. There is also a list of chemicals, which, while legally allowed, are harmful, and therefore not allowed by Oeko-Tex. Then, their substances that are not environmentally-friendly and cannot be used by producers aiming to be Oeko-Tex certified. Oeko-Tex holds their reputation not only for strict initial examinations but also for maintaining regular audits within the companies. This means that there’s no way one could possibly introduce some nasty substances once the certificate is obtained.

Benefits of Oeko-Tex

We have chosen to use only Oeko-Tex certified fabrics for many reasons. First, it’s a reliable way to ensure our products are friendly for all kinds of shoppers. From babies to adults, from those with sensitive skin to those with allergies. For us, it also helps to maintain a transparent relationship with our suppliers. It is vital for developing a sustainable, forward-looking business, and helps us build trust between everyone that’s involved in the process. Finally, we care for our environment too much to ignore it. The use of chemicals causes trouble for both humans and nature. Without such certification, we couldn’t be sure that we’re not doing any harm – even if we do not intend to.

Oeko-Tex certification in a nutshell

Ensuring quality, building a long-lasting relationship with both clients and suppliers, and making you happy is highly important to us. With Oeko-Tex certification, we can feel confident that our long-staple cotton bedding is only doing good for you. This allows us to be transparent and continue doing what we love: helping everyone to get a better night’s sleep.

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