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[-10%] 100% Down Comforter - Light

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Häussling down comforters are designed to match all your sleep needs. 100% down-filled hypoallergic comforter with cotton shell gives everyone an ability to fully enjoy the natural comfort of goose down bedding. A medium-light comforter is perfect for hot sleepers, it is super light and will make you feel like on a cloud of comfort. Why we love it:

• Made in Germany by qualified personnel under permanent quality control.
• Down pass audited and tested. No moult harvesting - no live-plucking - no material from the foie gras production. Ensured animal welfare.
• Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified. Tested to prove no harmful substances and skin-friendly materials only.
• NOMITE certified. Suitable for house-dust-allergy sufferers, because of excellent thermal and moisture handling properties.
• Class I, White new Goose down.
• Extra lightweight.

• Comforter size 140x200 - 360 g White new Goose down
• Comforter size 200x200 - 520 g White new Goose down
• Comforter size 200x220 - 580 g White new Goose down
• Comforter size 220x240 - 700 g White new Goose down
• Comforter size 220x260 - 840 g White new Goose down
Our comforters are machine washable, to make sure that they stay in the best form after washing follow these steps:
• use min. 7kg capacity washing machine;
• use non-alkaline, mild detergent suitable for sensitive fabrics and wool;
• use wool wash cycle, max 60° Celsius;
• rinse thoroughly and spin;
• if using the tumble dryer, the max temperature should be 120° Celsius.

For persons allergic to house dust mites or with an increased likelihood of allergic response:
• Air your bedding and bedroom regularly and extensively to reduce humidity in the bedroom
and the bedding and create poor habitat for the house dust mite.
• Clean and or wash bedding following the care instructions.
• Replace bedding that has lost its bulkiness after many years of use.
30 day money back guarantee.
Test this product risk-free.
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