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Why you should choose Bedroommood towels?

Five stars

What is a GOTS certificate?

GOTS means Global Organic Textile Standard and it's the highest standard in the world. When the product has this certification it means that not only the end-product has passed all the safety tests, but also that the journey from the plant seed all the way to the finished product in the store was safe and sustainable. 

GOTS begins with organic farming it creates a healthy experience for the farmers who use only safe chemicals and organic fibres. This all leads to ecologically and socially responsible production. 

Each towel has a certificate with a unique ID that you can look up online, so when you choose Bedroommood towels you can be sure that every step of the production was safe for humans and the environment.

Why these towels deserve your choice?

Best Turkish cotton.

With its long fibers, Turkish cotton towels offer unparalleled softness, absorbency, and quick drying, guaranteeing a luxurious and refreshing experience. Known for durability, they're a must-have for any bathroom.

The towels come in three sizes,

 in bigger than usual dimensions for optimal comfort after every 

bath or shower. 

 Featuring a minimalistic design and earthy natural tones that will effortlessly enhance any bathroom interior.

Double-ply cotton

 towels are exclusive due to their durable construction. The weaving of two yarns together creates a stronger fabric that efficiently absorbs moisture while remaining soft against the skin.


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