Sateen Duvet Set - Light blue

Sateen Duvet Set - Light blue

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Although we believe that you should not think about your bed linen while you sleep, you will get addicted to our silky sateen duvet sets. Shiny, smooth and durable sateen is made of finest Egyptian cotton. Choose your favourite size and pick one of our calming colours.
We only use quality Egyptian cotton for our bed linens. 300 thread count in the sateen weave and 100 % long-staple cotton give our fabrics extra softness and durability. All our cottons are Oeko-Tex® certified so you can be sure that you will not meet any harmful chemicals during your sleep.
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Our approach to fabrics

When it comes to fabrics, we strive to provide you with the best possible quality. We study, learn and search for the best materials, so you can be totally satisfied with our products.

What are the features of sateen linens?

Sateen is more tightly woven. Its weave has more yarn surface on the face of the cloth than other basic weaves. That’s why it is turns softer and has more lustrous look. Sateen linens are softer than percale and has a silk-like touch.