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Sateen in your bed. 

How does it feel?

Sateen, with its smooth and silky texture, is achieved through the "three-over-one-under weave." Its tighter weave gives it a heavier feel, wrapping closer to your skin for warmth while maintaining a luxurious appearance.

Our sateen, woven from 500 Thread Count cotton, ensures strength, softness, and durability for countless nights.

Sateen Temperature
Sateen pillowcases

The finest 

100% long-staple cotton 

Quality and durability: Long-staple fibers create
stronger, more pill-resistant bedding.

Softness: The extended fibers result in a smoother,
luxurious feel against the skin. 


Breathability: Natural cotton promotes air circulation,
regulating body temperature. 

Long-lasting: Long-staple cotton ensure bedding withstands regular use,
washing and extends the lifetime of fabric.

Let's compare



Silky soft
Perfect for those who get cold at night.

Manufactured by experienced local seamstresses.

Mass-produced, often manufactured
by undervalued employees.

100% long staple cotton. Soft, strong & luxurious.

Basic cotton may be less soft and less durable.

Thread count (the more - the better)


Timeless colours selected by experienced architects. 

Non-matching, bright & printed collections.

Quality proof
Standard 100 Oeko-Tex®.
 No chemicals in all processes.

Easy to use
Sheets with 'long-side' labels, full-length duvet zipper,
envelope-type pillow cases.

Buttons, small pillowcases, difficult to put on.

Sustainable business
No seasonal collections, long-lasting design,
plastic-free packaging.

Min 2 collections per year.

50,000+ happy customers choose Bedroommood, because...

Easy to change: 

Effortless duvet cover with a full-length hidden zipper; fitted sheet with a 'Long Side' label for easy bed-making; and a modern pillow envelope closure to keep it in place.

Perfect look: 

Our colours are selected by architects to match our colour palette, which is suitable
 year-round, never goes out of style and looks great in all interiors.

Sustainable packaging: 

We pack our bedding in fabric bags made from leftover fabrics. When you get your order, the only thing thrown away is the cardboard box, which biodegrades in 3 to 6 months.


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Mattress protector
Made from 100% cotton.