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Our most plush pillows, crafted with ethically sourced down to provide a luxurious level of comfort.

Let us explain why.

The pillow is made of 3 chambers the inner chamber is tighter, filled with feathers, and it will ensure that the pillow stays firm. The outer chambers have a 100% down filling and guarantee that it will stay super soft and fluffy.

goose down pillows haussling


Certified by NOMITE, this pillow is an ideal choice for those with allergies and sensitive skin. Its outstanding thermal and moisture handling properties ensure a comfortable and allergy-friendly sleep experience.

Laura G.

Five stars 

 “As someone who battles dust mite allergies, finding the right pillow has been a constant struggle. This NOMITE-certified down pillow is a game-changer. Despite my sensitivity, this pillow has proven to be super comfortable without triggering any allergic reactions.”

Optimal sleep comfort begins with the right pillow –
which one suits you best?

Soft goose down pillow
(Using standard 50x70cm pillow.)
Firm goose down pillow
(Using standard 50x70cm pillow.)
Support Level
Gentle support, 500g filling.

Firmer support, 700g filling.
Density/Fill Power

Lower fill power, providing a
plush and airy feel.

Higher fill power, offering a
denser and more supportive structure.
Compression Resistance
Easily compressible, for a
cloud-like feel.

Resists compression, maintaining
loft and support.
Sleeping Position
Best for stomach and back sleepers
who prefer a softer surface.

Recommended for side sleepers who
benefit from added support and loft.
Personal Preference
Ideal for those who enjoy a luxurious
and plush sleeping experience.

Perfect for individuals who prefer a
more structured and supportive pillow.

Be confident. Our pillows are backed by quality proofs:

Down pass audited and tested. 

No moult harvesting - no live-plucking - no material from the foie gras production. Ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare.

Standard 100 Oeko-Tex®.  

Tested to prove no harmful substances and guaranteeing only skin-friendly materials.

NOMITE certified.  

Tailored for individuals with house-dust allergies, thanks to outstanding thermal and moisture management properties.


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