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Home fragrance spray

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A cool new breeze blows over your pillows and house linens. At last, the bedroom and the bathroom get their own fragrance! This is the refreshing version of Eau du Lit collection by French home fragrance makers Hypsoe. Bring freshness and sensitivity to your linens!
Composition of fragrance:

No 1: Linden
No 2: Grapefruit, tarragon and rhubarb
No 3: Citron
No 4: Green moss, cut grass, petitgrain

100 ml Spray bottle (not-refillable).

Manufactured in France. Non-returnable item.
French company Hypsoe has been creating unique home fragrancies and scents for 20 years. Extremely demanding in terms of quality, Hypsoe always selects the best French perfume makers and craftsmen for their products. Inspired by the East, tea and flowers, their sophisticated aromas will infuse your home with sensual flavours.
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Where do you spray fragrance mist?

Using a home fragrance spray gives your linens and bedroom a refreshing feel. You can spray it anywhere that needs a bit of freshening. For example: bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and closet.

How to fragrance home?

After you have found your favourite scent for home (linden, grapefruit, tarragon, rhubarb, citron, green moss, cut grass or petitgrain), its time to use it. Refresh whenever you feel needed: bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. Your family and friends will love it too.