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Down Pillow

Light and supportive 100 % down and feather-filled pillows create a deluxe sleep experience. They are extremely soft because of the cotton shell and are designed to provide you with the highest comfort during your sleep. The pillow is filled with goose down and feathers and is a three-chamber pillow. 

Why we love it:

 • Down pass audited and tested. No moult harvesting - no live-plucking - no material from the foie gras production. Ensured animal welfare;

• Standard 100 Oeko-Tex® certified. Tested to prove no harmful substances and skin-friendly materials only;

• NOMITE certified. Suitable for house-dust-allergy sufferers, because of excellent thermal and moisture handling properties;

• Made in Germany by qualified personnel under permanent quality control;

• Class I, White goose down filling.

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The pillow is filled with goose down and feathers and is a three-chamber pillow. The inner chamber is filled with 100% feathers and the outer chambers are filled with 90% down and 10% feathers. The inner chamber is tighter and it will ensure that the pillow stays firm, and the outer chambers guarantee that it will stay super soft and fluffy.

Our pillows are machine washable, to make sure that they stay in the best form after washing follow these steps:

• use natural, mild detergent suitable for sensitive fabrics and wool; 

• use wool wash cycle, max 60° C; 

• rinse thoroughly and spin; 

• if using a tumble dryer, the max temperature should be 120° C;

For persons allergic to house dust mites or with an increased likelihood of allergic response:

• Air your bedding and bedroom regularly;

• Clean and or wash bedding following the care instructions;

• Replace bedding which has lost its bulkiness after many years of use.