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Custom-made bed linens

Custom made

We put a lot of effort into making our collection for the bedroom. We picked only quality materials, we meditated on the colour palette and went for the minimal look. To have a total control of look and quality, we decided to manufacture all our bed linens ourselves.

But we perfectly understand that we can’t cover all human needs for personalized bed experience. Every one of you is different, everyone is unique.

That’s why we want to offer you to make your own bed linens. You can choose between quality percale or sateen. You can pick one of our colours or mix all of them in one set. And you can make your linens in any size you wish.

Your custom made bed linens will be individually manufactured in our sewing workshop in Lithuania using materials and techniques of our current collection.

So if you wish to make your personal bed linens collection, contact us at and we will discuss all details.

Let your imagination run wild!