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What is cotton sateen

What is cotton sateen

  • Published on :01/26/2018
  • Author:Evelina

While shopping for Egyptian cotton bedding, you have probably come across two of the most popular types: sateen and percale. Here, we will tell you more about the features of sateen to help you decide if the fabric is the right choice for you.

Luxury quality

First things first: sateen is known for its luxury look. And rightly so. Even though it is made of cotton, its woven the same way as satin is. That is the secret behind sateen’s shine and irresistible smoothness. The way cotton is treated before threading allows the properties to remain unchanged for years. A chemical process – called mercerization – makes the fabric more durable, and also allows absorbing dye better. As a result, your sateen sheets may feature incredibly deep colors that won’t fade for years, thus maintaining the luxury look.

The perks of sleeping in sateen

Because of the way the fabric is treated, it becomes more resistant to mildew. Thus, sateen bedding is a great choice for those suffering from allergies or sleeping in too humid environments. Made of cotton, sateen sheets are highly breathable, thus can be essentially used throughout the year. The higher thread count results in a heavier fabric, which, according to some studies, is beneficial for those with sleep issues. Finally, sateen bedding drapes really well without any additional effort or products, thus guaranteeing a 5-star hotel look for your bedroom every day.

Taking care of sateen beddings

As most of the bedding, sateen sheets can be safely washed in washing machine. The temperature shouldn’t be higher than 40oC and it’s is recommended to use a gentle cycle. Choose a powerful, yet delicate laundry liquid, and protect both your sheets and the planet by picking something natural. If you own a tumble dryer, feel free to put your sateen linens into it, after choosing cool, air-dry settings. Your sheets will come out soft and ready to be draped on your bed. However, if you feel like doing an extra step, you can add some fabric conditioner to your washing machine for even more softness and a refreshing aroma.

Make a choice

If you love luxury and are extremely tactile, chances are, you won’t find a better choice than sateen. It will be soft to your skin while allowing it to breathe, thus becoming your perfect sleeping companion. And, if you tend to get chilly during the night, sateen will solve that problem, too.

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