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Washing bed sheets

Washing bed sheets

  • Published on :04/18/2018
  • Author:Evelina
  • Category :Best Sellers

As soon as you get into your bed with freshly bought linens, you are likely to wish to stay there forever. To maintain this feeling over time, here is a simple guide how to take the best care of your linens, so it stays welcoming for months to come.

How to clean bedding sheets

First things first: how to properly wash your bedding? Egyptian cotton sheets – whether sateen sheets or percale sheets – should be washed in low temperatures (up to 40ºC/100°F) with mild detergents. We recommend a natural solution, suitable for both hand and machine wash. It can be trusted to remove stains without damaging the fabric or irritating your (or even your kid’s!) skin. While our bedding is already pre-washed for maximum softness, a little conditioner certainly won’t hurt. Not only it will provide a lovely aroma, it will also stretch out the fibers, thus extending the lifespan of your bedding. Do resist using a bleach – most of them are damaging for the fabric, and it won’t be as soft and long-lasting afterwards.

How to dry duvet in dryer

Once your sheets are nice and clean, the next logical question is how to dry your Egyptian cotton bedding. The best way to is to hang them to air-dry. This will ensure maximum longevity of your sheets, and, if percale is your choice, you won’t need to iron. However, if you prefer to tumble dry your laundry, do it on a mild cycle and, again, choose a low temperature. This will help to avoid fabric damage over time.

How often are you supposed to wash your sheets

When it comes to the sheets you sleep in, how often should you wash your bedding? Experts advise to do it every seven to ten days. Pillowcases can be replaced more often, especially for those with sensitive skin and allergies. If you follow the caring instructions, your bedding should last you about two years, while pillow cases should be replaced every year.

How to keep sheets fresh in the closet

We’re sure you have some spare linens and duvets on hand, but how to store your bedding so it stays fresh? Let us tell you a little secret: it loves dryness and freshness. That’s why it is best to store it in a breathable, cool closet away from direct sunlight. Plastic containers will trap moisture and result in mold, while sun certainly won’t help to keep the color on. And before you put your linens away for storage, do ensure they’re completely dry and, for extra freshness, spritzed with a sensual linen spray.

Taking Care Of The Extras

All the decorative things that reside on your bed and don’t come into direct contact with your skin too often should be washed every three months. This goes for cushion covers, throws and blankets. Use the same settings as for your sheets, just ensuring you pick the right washing liquid, especially for wool. For a quick fresh up – both for your bedding and the extras – don’t hesitate to get a lovely linen spray. It will make bedtime feel extra special without too much effort.

Caring For Environment

While taking a good care of your bedding is essential for a great sleeping experience, it is just as important to consider your surroundings. That’s one of the reasons why we strongly suggest washing temperature does not exceed 40oC and tumble drying should be avoided if possible. Using ecological and natural cleaning agents will act as another lovely step towards sleeping in clean linens and environment. Our Almacabio laundry care comes from a respected Italian brand and is loved by everyone there. It does its job perfectly, yet is soft enough to use for baby laundry care. No wonder it is loved so much by the caring Italian mothers.

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