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How to use Bedroommood dust bags: Viktorija’s five tips

How to use Bedroommood dust bags: Viktorija’s five tips

  • Published on :03/27/2020
  • Author:Jurga

Since March 1, everyone buying Bedroommood bedding receives it in a special dust bag, made out of leftover fabric scraps. It is perfect for storing bedding, but how can you use it while enjoying a good night’s sleep in the sheets? Here are my tips.

Carrying my laptop

When working, I’m on a permanent move – home to office, office to meetings, and so on. I always carry my laptop with me, and I’ve been using dust bags for this since university. Not having a designated laptop case, I’ll put it in a dust bag before throwing the laptop into my bag. The bag not only protects from scratches but also provides extra cushiness.

Storing the toiletries

Most of us have some toiletries that we only use occasionally, and thus struggle with storage. Placing them in the deepest corners of the drawers often leads to forgetting about them, which isn’t exactly the goal. That’s why I now keep such toiletries in a drawstring bag, making it look good, easy to find, and convenient when traveling.

Protecting shoes

In my wardrobe, I have quite a few pairs of shoes I only wear on special occasions. Not all of them have their original boxes, so to avoid dust and scratches, I keep them in the dust bags. It is also very convenient to keep them hung, thus saving storage space. And if you are carrying your pumps to a party, you can just throw them directly in your handbag.

Taking snacks to work

During the day, I tend to get hungry quite often, so I always carry some snacks with me – fruits, nuts, sandwiches. I also have a reusable water bottle, and if I’m planning to grab a coffee while in town, I’ll carry a cup for it, too. To make sure all my snacks and cups are easy to find, I put them in a drawstring bag before throwing into my backpack. And once I get to my office, I simply take the bag out and leave it in the office kitchen.

Organizing small items

Bedding dust bags don’t have to stay in the bedroom – there are plenty of small items in the entire house. I’ve never regretted organizing small things into bags or boxes – that way, I never lose them, optimize storage space, and can easily access them. I use my bag for storing cookie cutters, but it would also easily accommodate stationery, children’s toys or rarely read books.

Dust bags made of leftover fabric scraps can be useful for both keeping your home neat and organized and daily use. If you’re still not sure what to store in your bag, keep it in your handbag. Every time you go grocery shopping, you can skip the single-use plastic bags and use the fabric one instead.

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