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Bedroom talk with the architect Vida Vyšniauskienė

Bedroom talk with the architect Vida Vyšniauskienė

  • Published on :05/16/2019
  • Author:Jurga

Today we are talking with the architect Vida Vyšniauskienė – an amazing woman who is a true inspiration for us. Together with her we created our bedding palette that makes your and our dreams sweeter. Not only does she inspire us as a professional, but as a person, too. Read the interview and learn about her wonderful personality.

How and when did you understand that you want to be an architect?

My decision to become an architect wasn’t self-contained, and I wouldn’t say it was my dream and goal, either. The beginning of studies was difficult, I doubted a lot – am I where I should be? Later on the understanding and self-esteem came, and I started to like it.

How, as an architect, do you see Kaunas?

I was born and grew up in Ignalina. I studied in Vilnius. I came to Kaunas to work. At that time Kaunas to me seemed as an urban chaos, having an old town that was damaged during Soviet times. I got used to Kaunas slowly, exploring its history, heritage, nature and people.

What architecture styles you admire the most?

Now I’m interested in Ancient architecture. It’s impossible to imagine how such buildings were built at that time. Sometimes I look for inspiration in 20th century Bauhaus architecture or in the creations of 20th century modernists. It’s very interesting what globalisation, new technologies, materials and their possibilities will bring to contemporary architects. Everything is changing so fast.

Do you follow an artist whose work inspires you? Maybe he/she is from Kaunas?

I couldn’t name one – on different stages of my life I’m interested in different artists. That might be a film director, a musician or an artist, fashion or furniture designer. Each of them is interesting and inspiring in a different way.

You design individual spaces and commercial objects, as well as public spaces. Which of these is your favourite?

Every project, when the client and the architect are striving for the best result, brings something interesting. Now I usually create public interiors. I love designing non-standard living homes, too.

What design style is your favourite?

When talking about interior design, it’s minimalism and industrial.

What do you do on your free time? Maybe you do something unusual?

On my free time I love watching good movies. I also play golf from early spring till the first snow falls. Every year I try to travel somewhere, too. Earlier I’d love to sew – I even own a sewing machine. But it requires a lot of patience☺.

What books do you like to read?

Usually it’s something about fashion and design. Although earlier I’ve been reading a lot of classic novels.

What international architects do you follow?

I love the works of Herzog and de Meuron, MRDV, John Pawson.

What is your favourite place? Is it a city or a park in it? Or maybe it is a forest by the sea? Or maybe it is a big and cosy armchair in the living room?

My favourite place is a golf field, probably. The grass is soft, all is surrounded by silence and calmness. It’s the best way of relaxing for me. I also love spending time with friends and a glass of wine on a terrace, especially when it’s in front of some kind of water.

All photos from Vida's personal album

What is your favourite colour in the interior?

I couldn’t name one colour. I really love experimenting and combining different colours. At this very moment I adore cold pastel colours.

In your opinion, what is the most important when creating a bedroom interior?

I think, it’s a comfortable bed, high quality bedding, pleasant scents and clean, uncluttered environment. Of course, it’s a very subjective. I wouldn’t dare argue with someone who thinks that a bedroom should be lavishly decorated. Different people see things differently.

What would be your advice for people designing their bedroom at the moment?

Listen to your heart. Or a good specialist (that’s even better☺).

What is a perfect sleep for you?

A good sleep has a lot of impact on your mood and overall health. For me, the perfect environment for sleep is dark and silent.

Tell us about your bedroom mood in short.

Dim lighting & calm colours.

Do you have morning/evening routines you couldn’t imagine your day without?

My morning starts with a cup of coffee. Usually in bed. It might not be the healthiest option, but I simply enjoy it.

Which bedroommood product/colour is your favourite?

I like all the products. Just don’t stop and build your business in a creative and responsible way, as you do.

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