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Bedroom talk: Ruta Kisieliute

Bedroom talk: Ruta Kisieliute

  • Published on :10/29/2018
  • Author:Jurga

This week we are chatting with Ruta who is one of our team members here at Bedroommood. Not only does she orchestrate some of the marketing matters here, at our studio, she is also a keen self-taught nutrition, healthy lifestyle and quality sleep enthusiast.

If we ask her how to maximize sleep and reduce morning anxiety levels to the lowest, she would suggest switching your alarm clocks off forever and never turning them on again. It’s a fair point as why would you want to start the day with such a stressful thing as alarm? Can everyone switch off alarm easily? Probably not. So what is an ultimate, super easy to implement tip to help us maximize our mornings? Food. Yes, food. Most of us eat in the morning and it can become either the reason for stress and the reason to rest more. Let's explore.

Bedroommood: Before we start looking at specific food recipes, let’s talk about benefits of breakfast and explore if skipping it is beneficial or harmful. What are your views?

Ruta: There is no straightforward answer to it, however, in many cases I would advocate breakfast for several reasons. First of all, breakfast is often a meal that you can eat at home, which means you’re more likely to eat wholesome food. We live in a very busy world and we don’t always get a chance to cook for ourselves at lunch or dinner. Secondly, morning anxiety could often be the result of low sugar levels in blood, which is the result of lack of food. Eating at least something small like fruit or a little bowl of porridge can not only uplift energy but also reduce anxiety. Finally, eating earlier in the day ensures that your body has more time to absorb goodness from food, more time to digest and produce energy. We can also look at how our grandparents and great grandparents lived. People used to wake up at certain time, do some household stuff and then eat and go to work in fields. Breakfast was essential for their lifestyle. We also go to work and, despite the fact that we do not do much of physical work these days, food is still required for cognitive work, for optimal maintenance of health.

Bedroommood: So, let’s say we agree on the fact that eating breakfast should benefit people. Why so many people still skip it?

Ruta: Yes, a lot of people say they don’t need breakfast or that they wake up not hungry. It’s absolutely normal. Firstly, when we wake up, we should let our bodies to wake up properly. It takes at least an hour, therefore the first calories should be consumed only after that. Saying first calories I mean any food or sugary drink including coffee or tea with milk or sugar. We usually wake up with an alarm clock which is slightly earlier than we would naturally wake up, therefore our bodies need that extra time before all internal systems are awake and can start digesting and metabolising food. Secondly, the reason why people skip breakfast, is that they might be eating very late at night. When we sleep, our bodies cannot digest and metabolise food properly. So, we wake up half full in the morning. My tip would be to stop eating at least 2–3 hours before sleep to make sure you can both properly digest before you go to sleep, and sleep instead of keeping your body in stress, trying to live with undigested food. Ideally, we should always have at least 12 hour fasting time between our last meal of the day and first meal next morning. So, for example, if I finish eating dinner at 19:30, my breakfast should start no earlier than 7:30. Having these 12 hours of fast would allow our bodies to take care of restoration work that happens in our bodies while we slept instead of trying to digest food. These 12 hours of fast are crucial for maintaining our health and making sure that all natural processes of cleansing and restoration can take place in bodies undisturbed.

Bedroommood: Do you think that people also skip breakfast because they don’t know what to eat, or do not have time?

Ruta: Absolutely. Not everyone likes to cook, and even more people do not have time to do that. However, I believe that one does not have to cook to eat wholesome breakfast. If one has 10–15 minutes in the morning to spare, they can already enjoy fulfilling breakfast that will set them for a good day ahead. For this interview I’ve prepared several recipes and breakfast tips that everyone – from busy business people to active sportsmen to school children – could enjoy and easily prepare by themselves. They all have several things in common:

  • you don’t need to cook them
  • they contain fruits, complex carbohydrates and good fats from nuts & seeds
  • you can prepare them in less than 4–5 minutes

Chia pudding

  • Chia seeds soaked in rice milk (or any other milk) overnight in a bowl.

        > Chia seeds soak up milk 10 times the size of themselves, become sticky, are full of essential fatty acids that keep our bodies in balance.

  • Toasted almonds
  • Cherries
  • Toasted sesame seeds
  • Dried blue grapes

How to prepare: Take soaked cha seeds and add toppings to your bowl.

Note: You can use any topping you like. I always like to have at least one fruit and at least one kind of nuts or seeds.


No cooking was involved to create this. This is the magic of an oatmeal.

How to prepare: Take a bowl of oats, pour milk over it and leave in the fridge overnight. I used rice milk but any other plant based milk or cow milk would work. In the morning take out oats out of the fridge. They are ready to eat. If you see you need some extra liquid, just pour some milk into the bowl. Here I’ve added a chopped sweet pear, goji berries and some toasted almonds.

Note: You can use any oat, rye or even buckwheat flakes and top them up with any fruit, nut or seed mix. Add a piece of dark chocolate or a teaspoon of peanut butter for a more indulging version.

Fruit frappuccino

  • A frozen banana
  • Frozen cherries
  • Rice milk

How to prepare: Blend everything together, sprinkle with seeds and done.

This is especially great in summer time as it’s cold and refreshing. It is also very liquid and is loved even by people who do not like to eat in the morning. It’s very easy to digest too and is rich in nutrients & fibers from fruit and seeds.

Buckwheat bowl with a smoothie

How to prepare: Take buckwheat and soak in water overnight. In the morning make a glass of smoothie out of banana, avocado, a few leaves of kale and some rice milk. Put buckwheat and smoothie into a bowl. Sprinkle some seeds on top and enjoy. It tastes like heaven.

Buckwheat and chia super bowl

How to prepare: Soak buckwheat and chia seeds in one bowl overnight. I use rice milk but any milk can be used instead. In the morning I toast a few hazelnuts and add some pomegranate and dried blue grapes. The bowl is ready.

All these recipes save time and taste great. The beauty of all these recipes is that they can be served hot or cold. For example, if you soak oats overnight in rice milk, you can warm it up in a pot in the morning and enjoy it warm. It takes just a few minutes to make it warm. The other beauty of all these recipes is that they offer unlimited possibilities for experimentation. Any oat, flake, seed mix can be combined with variations of fruits, dried fruits, seeds, both toasted and fresh, nuts, jams and even nut butters or chocolate. Finally, they look good and I am a big believer that aesthetics of foods positively influence us and our gut (our internal world). Hopefully such easy to prep foods will allow you to feel relaxed in the morning. At least one thing (food) becomes not stressful. Sleep well, eat well and have a nice day!

You can follow Ruta and her recipes on Instagram @ruta_k. She is also currently studying Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching at Institute of Health Sciences in London, so if you have any questions regarding foods, nutrition, sleep, overall well-being she would love you to get to her directly at

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