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Bedroom talk: Monika Penkute

Bedroom talk: Monika Penkute

  • Published on :11/06/2018
  • Author:Jurga

This week we are talking to a talented photographer Monika Penkutė who kindly let us into her home. We are keen to share our conversation about her morning routines, interior necessities and what role sleep plays in her busy life.

Bedroommood: You live such a busy life. Every day seems to be bringing new projects to you (at least it seems so when we look at your portfolio that is being constantly updated). Do you have a special morning routine that helps you to set yourself for busy days?

Monika: There are two types of mornings in my life. If I stay up late to retouch photos, the next morning I let myself sleep longer, I never rush and spend some time with myself. Although, if it’s a photoshoot day, I wake up early to prepare and concentrate for work. Good music and delicious breakfast are a must for a bright morning.

Bedroommood: When it comes to sleep, what are the most important things for you?

Monika: To be honest, the most important thing while sleeping is silence – I don’t want anyone to snore by my side. :) Anything else – as my mother says – “one has made one’s bed, now has to lie in it”. Although it’s true not only when we talk about sleep. :)

Bedroommood: How many hours a day do you sleep?

Monika: I tend to sleep 8–10 hours.

Bedroommood: Can you walk us around your bedroom? 

Monika: here it is.

Bedroommood: Could you share some style or functional tips for people who are currently designing their own bedroom?

Monika: Don’t overplay with bright colours in your bedroom – choose pastel, neutral colours. Choose your bed very wisely – it must be comfortable! And pay attention to the details that would brighten up your mood in the morning.

Bedroommood: In general, when it comes to relaxation and helping your body to reset itself, what is your most favourite thing to do? Do you prefer to rest at home or do you normally recharge when going out and socialising?

Monika: I’m working with people, communicating a lot and sometimes my battery gets low, so rest at home for me is necessary to recharge. Watching movies in bed all day, a hot bath and a company of my beloved ones help a lot after physical and mental overstraining.

Bedroommood: Do you decorate your home with your own artwork?

Monika: I only have several of my own works at home. I prefer other photographers’ artwork.

Bedroommood: What is the current photography project of you dreams? 

Monika: My dream project at the moment is to learn to retouch photos quickly. :) Speaking seriously, I’d love to create a fashion photoshoot in Iceland.

Bedroommood: What is your favourite bedroommood product?

Monika: My favourite bedroommood products are a dark grey sateen duvet set and a dark grey Gotland wool blanket.

Dar grey sateen duvet set – Shop now

Dark grey Gotland wool blanket – Shop now

You can connect with Monika Penkute:

Facebook: Monika Penkute

Instagram: @monikapenkute

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