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Long staple cotton meaning

Long staple cotton meaning

  • Published on :02/12/2020
  • Author:Jurga

When looking for quality, we often check what it’s made of, and bedding is no exception. At the end of the day, it is going to touch our bodies for many nights, so quality is important.

At Bedroommood, we use 100% long-staple cotton. But what exactly is LONG-STAPLE COTTON?

When the founders of Bedroommood, Jurgita and Tomas, decided to create the best bedding available, finding suitable fabric was crucial. Determined, they have begun their research: they read a lot, tried beddings of various brands, went to showrooms and exhibitions to individually touch as many fabrics as possible. During the whole process, Jurgita and Tomas had applied two main criteria: quality and naturalness; it was important that fabric was suitable for everyone – including babies – and that no harmful substances would be used in the production.

Without a doubt – long-staple cotton

We can boldly state that we offer the best sheets in the market. How do we achieve this? In order to explain, we need to delve deeper into the construction of the fabric. So, how is long-staple cotton made?

Long-staple only

  • At bedroommood, we use only long-staple cotton because it produces the longest, most durable, and finest cotton fibers in the world. In the case of cotton - a longer staple is a better staple.
  • Longer cotton fibers can be spun into stronger, finer yarns, and produce extremely smooth and supple weaves.
  • Shorter fibers can poke out of the weave, leading to a coarser, weaker fabric.

Single-ply yarn

  • We exclusively use single-ply yarn because it produces the finest, strongest threads. It can only be spun from long-staple cotton, and results in light, soft, yet extremely long-lasting sheets.
  • Multi-ply yarns are a group of weaker fibers twisted together to create a false strength.
  • They use mostly lower-grade, shorter-staple cotton, which results in thicker, coarser, and heavier threads.

Finest threads

  • The fine thread spun from single-ply, long-staple cotton is responsible for the most sumptuous sheets.
  • To illustrate how this factors into the feel of a sheet, compare the threads woven in a canvas bag versus those of a fine sateen top. The finer the thread, the smoother, lighter, and softer the resulting fabric.
  • By using single-ply, long-staple cotton, we are able to construct Bedroommood sheets using only 60 and 80 yarn count threads, the finest available for cotton bedding. It took us a while to find a trustworthy fabric manufacturer, but we are happy to have found one. Our supplier has more than 50 years of experience and trusted by hotels like Hilton, Four Seasons, and Ritz Carlton.

At the very beginning of our journey towards better sleep, we have made a promise to ourselves not to get involved in any nasty businesses. That's why it mattered to us to find quality fabrics that are made without harming the environment. We are proud and happy to say that our fabric manufacturer has switched to environmentally friendly biogas and puts an extensive effort to recycle it. This, plus the use of environmentally friendly chemicals and dyes in the manufacturing process, has put them among the top producers of organic textiles made of 100 % organic cotton that meets the highest international standards for organic textiles.

Would you like to find out what it means to sleep on truly high-quality sheets that amazes everyone with their softness, quality, and beauty, simultaneously increasing the quality of sleep?

Try Bedroommood yourself. We strongly believe in our product, but just in case you happen to dislike it, feel free to return it within 31 days. Yes, even if you’ve slept in it already!

Here’s what our clients say about the quality of their bedroommood bedding:

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