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How to spice up the bedroom

How to spice up the bedroom

  • Published on :12/07/2017
  • Author:Evelina

A 5-star bedroom is something we all dream of. We wish to wake up in a luxurious environment to set a good mood for the upcoming day. And fall asleep feeling relaxed and ready to get some quality rest. Here, we present some tips and tricks on turning your bedroom into your favorite place at home.

Mattress and bedding

Your bed is the sanctuary of your bedroom – it’s the most important piece of furniture there, so it should get a quality treatment. A good mattress is a staple, but what matters just as much is what you put on it. Get yourself a luxurious, Egyptian cotton bedding set, and you will feel an instant upgrade in the room. It will turn your bed into a much more welcoming spot.

Decorating with cushions

When you’re not asleep, think about how you cover your bed. A soft, stylish throw that matches the interior of the room cannot be beaten. It’s essential for making the room feel more deluxe, while also helping your Egyptian cotton sheets (sateen or percale) stay fresh for a longer time. Don’t forget a few decorative cushions that will create that perfect, hotel-like look at your own home.

Reduce clutter

Now that your bed is all set, think about what’s surrounding it. Is there a lot of clutter in your room? There shouldn’t be. Luxury is synonymous with lots of space, so you should get rid of all the things you don’t absolutely must have. Besides, various things scattered around the room distract your brain and prevent you from having a truly wonderful retreat.

How to keep bedroom clean and fresh

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of smell. Open your windows regularly to get some fresh air in, and do invest in quality candles and home scents – just ensure they are natural and pleasant to you. Lavender is among the most popular scents to help you feel relaxed, but plants like lemon, jasmine, or even rosemary are known for their soothing effects. Now that you’ve got some upgrade ideas for your bedroom, we’re sure that the time you spend, there will instantly improve. Also, don’t be too surprised if it increases quite significantly – knowing what a retreat you’ve made for yourself, we can’t judge you!

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