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How to sleep warm

How to sleep warm

  • Published on :01/04/2018
  • Author:Evelina
The cold season is here, and, while most of us have taken winter coats out already, our beddings remain the same. Your Egyptian cotton bedding has a strong impact on the quality of your rest. Here, we talk about choosing the right  Egyptian cotton sheets for your most restorative sleep.

Make It Warm

Once the temperatures drop outside, our bodies need a warmer setting to get properly recharged. While our usual percale sheets are great for a fresh feeling, in winter, it is recommended to change up to something warmer. Sateen is a perfectly inviting fabric that is silky soft and made of finest Egyptian cotton. It will keep your body warm throughout the night, while the calming colors will ensure a mood ideally suited for sleeping. Learn more about what is percale and sateen.

Luxurious Nights

Sateen has some added benefits besides the warmth, too. It is praised for splendor, and not without reason. Perfectly soft and durable, it doesn’t wrinkle, either. Thus you will feel like coming to a freshly set up bed every night. Sateen will also play a strong role in your bedroom interior, making it look even more luxurious, soothing, and inviting.

Listen To Your Body

Even though it is highly recommended to change up the Egyptian cotton bedding during winter, remember that you should take your personal needs into account. Some of us naturally get warmer throughout the night, thus requiring the feeling of freshness, rather than warmth. Additionally, those who live in warmer climates also might find percale more suitable even throughout the winter. You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment – some people even like to have both sateen and percale, for example, percale pillow cases and sateen sheets.  

Keeping It Fresh

Whichever type of bedding you decide to go for, keeping it crisp is highly important for the quality of your sleep. Aside from washing it regularly, don’t hesitate to use a natural, calming linen spray for a perfect smell. It is also important to keep the surroundings fresh, and both fragrance diffusers and lightly scented candles are great for it. Remember, setting the right mood for sleep is the first step towards quality rest. 
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