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How to sleep better

How to sleep better

  • Published on :12/01/2017
  • Author:Evelina

Whats a good room temperature

With the pace of our lives constantly increasing, getting a good night’s sleep is becoming more and more important. As we dive into our beds, we hope to wake up feeling rested and refreshed, however, that’s not always the case. While we often consider changing our daily routine or replacing the mattress, we often forget one highly important factor – our bedding.

It’s a proven fact that for the better sleep experience we should aim for cooler temperatures in the bedroom. However, only just fixing your climate control system to a lower setting isn’t enough. If you’re sleeping on synthetic sheets, the heat from your body will get trapped, and you won’t get the desired effect. Egyptian cotton have the best reviews when it comes to maintaining a comfortably cool temperature in your bed while you’re asleep. 

How often should you change bedding

Maintaining your Egyptian cotton bedding is also highly important for it to keep the qualities last for a longer time. If your newly bought sateen sheets or percale sheets aren’t giving the satisfaction after only a few months of use, think about how often you wash them. The general advice is to do that every once in a week. Sounds daunting but think about the wonderful experience of climbing into bed with a set of clean bed linens. Also, it might seem too obvious, but don’t ignore the care instructions that came with your bedding: they were created by experts, so trust them. Some also advise washing your new set of bed linens once or twice before use to get rid of any irritants. Learn more about what is percale and sateen.

How to pick the best bed sheets

Unless you’re living in a country without seasons, you should also consider having different bed linens for different times of the year. Opt for a cozy, jersey-like material during the colder months, and switch out for lighter, cooler materials in the summertime. And, of course, don’t forget to treat yourself to a new set every couple of years – hot water and detergents shorten the lifespan over time. And if you don’t wish to splurge too often, consider getting new sets of pillow cases. They won’t cost as much as the full set, yet will make a world of difference.

Small accessories, big effect

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of surrounding materials. Get rid of the clutter from your bedroom and leave only things that are important.

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