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How to make a bedroom cozy

How to make a bedroom cozy

  • Published on :02/17/2018
  • Author:Evelina

With spring just around the corner, we are all craving for renewals. While re-doing your entire home can be a daunting (and expensive!) task, something as little as changing up your Egyptian cotton bedding may just do the trick. Here, we present you with some tips that will help satisfy the need for freshness without any fuss.

Pick a colour

A general rule of thumb is to go with three colors that will dominate your whole room. You can go as wild and crazy as you like, but let us tell you something: classics are forever. Decorating with pretentious colors is risky as your opinions might change before you’re ready for another renewal. Besides, intensive colors might disturb your sleep, resulting in restless nights. However, choosing your favorite classics, that happen to be trending this spring, is something you will never regret. They will help you rest better, and gladden your eyes for many seasons to come. What do we recommend? Whites and light greys, with a little darker accents. Such a color scheme will match any interior, and look modern and classy at the same time.

How to decorate the bed - basics

First things first: begin with quality percale sheets or sateen sheets. For the maximum of freshness and joy, go white and feel like you are resting in a 5-star hotel every night. Then comes the duvet set. For warmer climates, and those craving for crispness in the mornings, pick the best quality percale. Those that tend to get chilly during the night will be over the moon with a sateen set. We have to warn you, though: the softness might get addictive. If you want to introduce more luxury into your bedroom, double the number of pillows, and get the extra cases in light grey for a stylish look.

How to decorate the bed - sweet toppings

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, we can move on to the sweet toppings. For a hotel-like look, get some cushions in the same color palette: we think these light grey ones are more than perfect. Have a little fun and don’t shy away from patterns: they will bring some liveliness into the room without overcrowding it. Instead of the usual coverlet, go with a cozy blanket that not only will do the trick but will provide some needed warmth while taking your power nap. Finally, place a light-grey throw at the end of your bed to balance everything out. And here, you have a perfect bedding situation going on! Now all you need to do is jump in and enjoy for many cozy nights to come.

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