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From Dawn Till Dusk with Rūta Kisieliūtė

From Dawn Till Dusk with Rūta Kisieliūtė

Rūta Kisieliūtė is a certified nutrition and lifestyle coach and marketing manager of Bedroommood. Rūta wakes up without an alarm but feels productive from the early hours. And in the evening, she likes to relax, distance herself from work, and spend time in nature.


It’s been more than three years without an alarm clock – I stopped using it when I stopped going to the office.

Usually, I wake up naturally between 6:00 and 6:30 am. In summer, my natural wake time often gets earlier, while I wake up closer to 7 am in winter. I usually sleep for 7-7.5 hours and spend 8 hours in bed.

Morning is my favorite time of the day. I like to wake up and enjoy the morning. I love the surrounding calmness, relaxing environment when e-mails are still unchecked, so it feels like no worries exist. I dedicate my mornings to relaxing, working out, spending time outdoors, and, sometimes, learning.

I always start my morning with a cup of green tea. My favorites are Japanese Kabuse and Sencha – I have 3 to 5 cups a day. While drinking my tea, I give myself a short, 10–15-minute face massage and read a book; in summer, I enjoy simply looking through the window. Then, I do a 30-60-minute workout, sometimes I go for a run or a walk and listen to a podcast. Then, I make breakfast, and, once I’ve eaten, between 9:30 and 10 am, I start dealing with the tasks of the day.

My breakfast foods are very different.

There aren’t particular foods that I couldn’t have my breakfast without. In the mornings, I often eat food that people associate with lunch or dinner. I enjoy eating a lot of vegetables in the morning – this way, from my very first meal, I already have the required amount. In summer, I often eat a salad with tofu or scrambled eggs with vegetables. I also like eating steamed vegetables with lots of good oil, spices, herbs, avocado, and nuts.

Each morning, I try to spend at least 10-15 minutes massaging my face.

I try to eat the foods that suit me – I’ve noticed that nothing makes a better impact on my skin then a well-balanced diet with plenty of veggies and berries. To optimize my body function, I regularly use supplements – vitamins D3, K2, and C in winter, Omega fatty acids, electrolytes, and so on. I collect herbs that grow in Lithuania and use them for tea – fireweed, oregano, thyme, wormwood, lemon balm.

If I lack energy…

...and I really feel like it, I go to bed. Days like these happen to me once, maybe twice a month – then I’m in bed by 8-8:30 pm. When I feel tired, going to bed is the best solution for me.:) There are days when I wake up tired, then I try to incorporate a nap – sometimes before, sometimes after lunch. Then I sleep as much as I can and, usually, an hour or two in bed helps. If I really don’t have the energy and don’t have deadlines, I allow myself to have a calmer day, go for a walk, or hike. Moving does help a lot.

I’ve learned to accept that not all days can be highly productive, so I allow myself to take a break when I feel tired. One of the things I like doing is try and figure out where the fatigue comes from. And while I can’t always identify this precisely – our energy levels depend on so many things – it is always interesting to try and analyze.

Physical activity makes me happy and energized, so I move every day.

3-5 times a week, I work out – do yoga, pilates, strength-train with my body way, stretch. Once a week, I go for a run or a hike in the park. Once or twice, a week I don’t do any planned physical activity to let my body fully recover. On those days I only walk, or, if I’m in the countryside, I do manual work outside.

In spring, summer, and fall I spend a lot of time in the countryside. Then I work out less as there are plenty of things to do – clean up, get the firewood ready for winter, dig the soil, work around the garden, water the plants, and so on.

In my morning routine, I would like…

...a little more discipline, so I could spend more time learning things that are complicated to me. I know that morning is the best time to learn for me.

The most beautiful place where I’ve had breakfast…

...a mountain view comes to my mind, so perhaps somewhere in the mountains, very high up. Now I can remember two such locations – one is from my recent trip to Slovenia, close to the top of Skuta mountain, and another in Italy, nearby the top of Petit Mont Blanc.


My evenings are more spontaneous than mornings.

I don’t have much of a routine. I do try to create one, but so far, I cannot naturally come up with the shape of it. In the evening, after 6-7 pm, I try to stop using my computer. When I have time and feel like it, I like going for a walk before bed – perhaps in a forest or in the city – or read a book and have a cup of herbal tea.

When it’s time to forget about work, relax and recharge…

...I take time to meet my friends, like-minded people, and my relatives. I also enjoy being by myself, walking, and listening to podcasts. Cooking relaxes me well. I enjoy doing it, so I try to incorporate making food on the second half of my day, perhaps learn something new or whip up a signature stew.

If I can’t fall asleep…

...I simply lay and practice not thinking anything, trying not to develop any thoughts. If they still come, I like to less them pass as if they were clouds going through the sky. If I really can’t sleep, I sometimes switch my bed to a couch in the living room. It helps. If it happens that I had trouble falling asleep at night, I try to figure out the reasons for it the following morning, see what I did the day before.

When I’m traveling…

...if I have the chance, I take some ingredients and spices for cooking when going on road trips. Since I enjoy cooking by myself more than eating out in restaurants, I always pack a bag of my favorite ingredients. If I’m going camping outdoors, a pillow is really important to me.:) Sometimes, when traveling, I miss home – the place, not the things in there. Home, to me, is the best place to relax. This is where I get the best rest.

My bedroom is very minimal – there is only a bed and a closet.

There are no other things there. When I started working with “Bedroommood”, I got used to sleeping in high-quality bedding, so now I can’t imagine my bedroom without it. My favorite is window percale. Of course, quality mattress matters, too, but, frankly, I don’t even know what mine is – it’s enough for me that I sleep well on it.:) In summer, I always have a sleeping eye mask next to my bed – since my curtains let the light through, the mask helps me sleep longer.