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From Dawn Till Dusk with Jurgita Alijošienė

From Dawn Till Dusk with Jurgita Alijošienė

Bedroommood founder and a mother of two, Jurgita Alijošienė, shares her morning and evening routines. Jurgita reveals how she manages to combine work, kids and time for herself, from yoga and morning spa rituals to her favourite Bedroommood colour.


I start my morning from a glance through the window…

...there I see the forest, and there is East. In spring and summer, the rays of the morning sunshine shine into our bedroom, and, together with chirping birds, they wake us up. I love the view through our bedroom windows. I spend about 5 minutes watching nature; it’s like a meditation of gratitude; I am thankful that the morning is mine again, and I set myself for a good day.

Then I hug my husband and wake him up or watch him sleep. It’s also gratitude; I am happy that we are together. I wake my children if they need to go to school.

My morning usually starts at 6:40 am, I use an alarm, but I try to have 8 hours of sleep every night.

I try to do some yoga

Not every morning, but if I don’t have enough time in the morning, I do stretching yoga in the evening. I want to wake up a little bit earlier to have more time and do yoga every morning. I use the Brooke Burke app for yoga. I like the exercises there, which are led by an amazing woman - Jesse Golden.

After that, I take a shower, apply face creams, lots of serums, and most importantly, sunscreen. I have a favorite cosmetics line that teaches me how to take care of my face and body. I follow their advice and do a very pleasant face massage with serums—lots of affection for the face. :) I brush my hair for a long time before washing it. I also don’t use a towel and use a cotton shirt instead, which I don’t wear anymore; they are softer for my hair and skin.

After the morning spa, I head to the kitchen

The first thing I do is put a teaspoon of coconut oil in my mouth and rinse the mouth with it. This is an Ayurvedic tip, it cleanses the oral cavity from toxins, plus I really like the taste of coconut.

Then I take warm water with lemon and prepare the Chemex. We are completely in love with coffee made in a Chemex. The whole family gathers in the kitchen, and we make breakfast. My husband and I choose a light breakfast with plenty of fruit, plant-based milk, dried fruit, and nut butter; pancakes or scrambled eggs for children.

I try to do as much work as possible by 2 p.m.

Then the kids are busy with school, and I can focus on working. After lunch, kids need various assistance or rides to afterschool activities. I also bike with my husband; we try to finish work earlier three times a week to ride bikes longer.

The most beautiful morning for me is when the sun shines brightly...

…and the whole family is having breakfast that we made together. When laughter flows freely and we create plans for what we will do all together. When the kids help to clean up after breakfast, and I can enjoy the wonderful life.


My evening routine starts… 8:30 pm, I urge the kids to wash up and get ready for bed. At 9 pm we all spend time together, reading books, laughing, discussing the day. We have this fun conversation of “three good things that happened today”. Then we kiss goodbye, and at 9:30 pm I leave them to sleep.

I go to the bathroom, taking my time for my nighttime rituals; in the evenings, I apply a lot of natural oils; I love coconut oil, I could shower in it. :) I apply it to my face, body, and hair. For the evening, I use lotions from “Kvapu namai”, neroli, shea butter, hydrolases. I like when the incense is burning in the bath. After that, I wrap myself in a bathrobe, fully open the window and go to read. I invite my husband to come to sleep. He also reads a lot.

I try to exercise for an hour a day

I choose yoga or a workout from the app. We also go cycling a lot, or if it’s cold, we go hiking.

When the time comes to relax and regain energy…

…I really like hot air, sun, sand, water, and tan.

When I can’t sleep…

…I read.

On the weekends…

…we sleep longer and have a bigger breakfast. Also, every Saturday and Sunday, in the mornings, I try to put on a face mask, which often cheers the family up, as I eat breakfast with a green face looking like Fiona from Shrek.

When I travel…

…I always take with me a Bedroommood alpaca wool blanket, it’s like my best friend, always keeps me warm. :)

The country that left the biggest impression

Italy, Amalfi Coast. I didn’t have Bedroommood bedding with me that time, and we were staying in an apartment with a wonderful view of the Tyrrhenian Sea. I really wanted to have Bedroommood bedding to take pictures in such a beautiful setting.

My favourite Bedroommood colour…

…light blue. Light blue percale is like a sea and clouds for me. Always calming and relaxing. I like percale a little bit more than sateen. It’s because percale is matte and so fresh. Although on a cold night, I love to wrap myself in sateen bedding that hugs the skin tightly, yet softly.

I couldn’t imagine my bedroom without…

…nice bedding and warm blanket. It would be uncomfortable to be cold.