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Bedroom talk: Erika Zelniene

Bedroom talk: Erika Zelniene

  • Published on :01/07/2019
  • Author:Jurga

Erika Želnienė (@bu.ku.ku) is a photographer and content creator. You won’t mix up her instagram feed with anyone else’s, as it is bursting with warm darkness and serenity of her life. We thought it would be interesting to dig into her life a little bit more.

In this crazy world you chose to live slowly. When there’s no hustle and bustle in your life, how do your rest?

I think to live slow doesn’t mean to be slow. Actually, I am very fast and full of energy. I just learned to choose carefully, to enjoy my little moments, to see positive things in everything what happens in life, because all emotions and all feelings are necessary. Usually I have really slow and calm mornings, even with children. They’ve got my rhythm. My rest is all about my time. Time, when I go to bath is only my time, I read there, put some masks on, listen to the music, and then I go to bed.

Looking at you pictures, it seems that you love the beauty of the dark. So, are you an early bird or an owl?

I like early morning light but I like to sleep longer, so even if I wake up early, I stay in bed a bit. I dream, think, watch… stay in the warmest bed linen.

Do you love napping? Why?

No, I don’t.

What are your must-do things before going to sleep?

I guess it is a bath. I take bath every evening, it is my favourite ritual. And my bedroom should be filled with fresh air.

You have a young, beautiful daughter. Have you learned anything new about sleep from her?

Yes, I’ve learned that it is very very very important to have a sleep routine, to go to bed on time, to do rituals before bed and go to bed only with positive thoughts.

You can check Erika’s work and connect with her on Instagram @bu.ku.ku


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All photos that were used in this article were created by @bu.ku.ku

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