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Difference between percale and sateen

Difference between percale and sateen

  • Published on :12/24/2017
  • Author:Evelina
  • Category :Best Sellers
Since you’re here, we will probably be right by guessing that you’re in search for a new set of Egyptian cotton bedding. Two most popular choices are sateen and percale, and they are both equally good. There isn’t a right or wrong choice in general – your pick solely depends on your needs. Here, we introduce both kinds of fabrics and hope it will make your choice easier. 

What does cotton percale mean

Percale sheets are often compared to a white cotton shirt for their versatility – it is a staple in your bedroom. They are light and breathable, thus making it perfect for warmer nights. Percale is always matte, and quality fabric is extremely soft and lovely to feel. While the weave of percale is tight, it is by no means hot. For those that get warm during the night, and prefer to sleep in a cooler, fresher setting, percale should be the choice. 

What does sateen feel like

Sateen beddings feature a luxurious sheen and an inviting smoothness. The wave is slightly heavier than that of percale, thus can help people that have trouble falling asleep. Researchers say that to be covered by a heavier material helps us to relax better. Sateen is also irreplaceable for the cooler months and is loved by people who tend to get chilly during the night. Everyone’s favorite part of sateen sheets is, probably, the deluxe finish, requiring no ironing or other hassles to look perfect. 

Choose your favorite

To sum up, let us put things that way. If you like to feel warm during the night, love luxury and always perfectly looking things, choose sateen. And if crisp freshness, accompanied by a classic look, is your goal, then go for percale. Whatever you pick, aim for cotton bedding that improves your sleep, and don’t shy away changing it seasonally. Learn more about what is percale and sateen.
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