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Bedroom talk: Dalius Pavlikovicius NEKO

Bedroom talk: Dalius Pavlikovicius NEKO

  • Published on :09/18/2018
  • Author:Jurga

This week we are talking with NEKO (Dalius Pavliukovicius) who is a professional runner and coach. We are excited to share his views and experiences when it comes to sleep habits, how it influences well being, sports performance and overall recovery.

Bedroommood: Tell us very briefly what patterns in relationship between sleep & sports have you noticed during your long career as an athlete and coach? 

Dalius: I firmly believe that the quality of life depends on 4 elements – nutrition, physical activity, clear mind and rest. Only having all these elements combined we can enjoy the optimal rhythm of our lives. When it comes to sports and achievements, sleep and its quality are crucial to one’s results. Let’s put it this way: no quality sleep – no proper recovery after training – no results. Therefore, for a sportsman, everything that helps to improve quality of sleep, is an absolute necessity. It’s also very important for a person who wants to enjoy the quality of his life.

Bedroommood: What would be 1 or 2 tips you would give to our readers that they could implement immediately to start improving their wellbeing?

Dalius: Tip number one – love and take care of yourself. When we start talking about “Me”, we often think that we are less important. But actually, everything starts with “Me”. When “Me” is happy, “Me” can take care of others. Another tip would be to think about life as a journey and to understand that everything that passed, influences the present; and the present will influence the future. So we should always think how we act, and there should always be at least a hint of positivity in what we do.

Bedroommood: Reveal us how many hours a day do you sleep on average and if you think it’s optimal? 

Dalius: I’ve read quite a few articles on this topic and opinions differ. So I can only rely on my personal experience – I feel that I sleep best when I’m in bed around 10.30–11 PM. Maybe it would be useful to go to bed earlier, but I simply cannot fall asleep. I wake up 6.50 AM every morning, so every night I get 8+ hours of sleep and I feel great. But if I get less than 7 hours of sleep several days in a row, during training I don’t feel that great.

Bedroommood: What bedroommood bedding colour is your favourite?

Dalius sleeps in a crispy light blue percale.

You can connect with NEKO:

Facebook: (@blogneko)



Listen to his podcasts (Lithuanian language only):

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