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Bedroommood X Studio SAND: the backstage of WINDOW bedding & bedroom design

Bedroommood X Studio SAND: the backstage of WINDOW bedding & bedroom design

We were really waiting for this autumn to present the first Bedroommood patterned bedding to our beloved clients. This new window pattern was created together with the studio SAND architect Audinga Andruškevičiūtė. In this article, Bedroommood founder Jurgita talks to Audinga about the latest pattern, its style in the bedroom, and general bedroom design trends.


How did you decide to work together with Studio SAND in making this new WINDOW pattern?

Jurgita: First of all, we always work with architects and designers when creating new products. This practice has proven successful from the first Bedroommood bedding, and we use it ever since. By working with home developers, we ensure that our customers can choose from the most suitable colors and versatile products. Our bedding sets are very durable as we understand that most of the clients won't be able to have many different bedding sets. That is why our bedding stays relevant and fits your home, even when the interior design changes. We chose Studio SAND specifically because of their holistic approach to creating home interiors. Also, they have a lot of experience in the industry, and their references have been nothing but great.

How does the design process look like when working on projects such as creating a new bedding pattern?

Audinga: When creating a specific interior detail, we think about the bigger picture. Firstly, we evaluate what this object will relate to, in what context it will function, and what emotions/feelings it should evoke to the user. In this particular case, we narrowed down our search to a square pattern as it is both simple and architectural. On top of that, being a very versatile pattern, it opens up endless creative possibilities. That is when we had to answer other questions and decide if it will be a strict pattern or more organic and free-flowing. We used percale fabric as its characteristic, structural, matte, and a bit crispy attributes suited our vision. Of course, the fabric itself sets the tone of the pattern because it has to blend in and complete each other organically. By asking and answering these questions and adapting to bedroom products and values, we crafted the end product with ease.

Why this particular pattern?

Audinga: We have tested many different patterns, from small and simple black squares to hand-drawn curved lines, which would organically fill the space. We wanted to craft a pattern which would be timeless, relaxing, and neutral in the sense that it would blend in with the rest of the interior design of the most sacred space of the house – the bedroom. After all, people spend a lot of time in their bedrooms and want to recharge after a long day. Such an atmosphere requires simple yet eye-catching solutions and light patterns. We also made sure that this bedding was compatible with other bedroom products as we understand that clients want to change or mix their bedding sets from time to time. These criteria, together with the modern bedding design trends, guided us toward a rather classic pattern of dark grey squares with thin lines on a white background. At the same time, this pattern is modern and trendy but also maintains a traditional approach and evokes good memories. We hope that people will appreciate and love to see this bedding in their homes.

We used percale fabric to create this pattern. Percale is matte, crispy, and has natural "wrinkles". I would say it is structural and modern, whereas sateen is more classical, silky, and shiny.

There must have been at least a few patterns that you have considered. What was the biggest challenge when making the final decision?

Audinga: We had many different options as we tried to look at the traditional square pattern from a different angle. The biggest challenge was brainstorming, discussing, and crafting all the ideas to a classical and simple yet complete version. Some ideas were hard to reject because we enjoyed experimenting with more sophisticated and pretentious patterns. However, knowing our long-term vision and clients' needs, we chose the pattern that we offer today.

Jurgita: The biggest challenge was to make the final decision, as we had many great patterns to choose from. We always want to create something that our clients would love, but we can never be 100 percent sure if particular products or patterns would work. That's why I can see how much determination it takes to make such big decisions.

Describe this new square pattern in a couple of words:

Audinga: Light, versatile, timeless

Jurgita: Structure, fresh, playful


What bedrooms are the best for this bedding?

Audinga: This bedding pattern is versatile. It would look great in a modern and minimalistic interior as it is simple, light, unobtrusive, and geometric. However, it will also fit in a completely different environment, such as a homestead, where you can find more details and brighter colors. This bedding pattern could be matched with varying elements of textiles, depending on the scenario. For example, it looks beautiful combined with more intense dark colors, as well as white wool blankets. Our creation and bedroom ideology have many things in common, but most noticeably – we both care for nature and eco-solutions while staying aware of various textures and details. And the truth is – it is simple to combine earthy and natural colors with different textures and patterns.

What other bedroom textiles colors would fit well with this pattern?

Audinga: All Bedroommood colors are inspired by nature, so it is easy to match them together. For example, this square pattern would be perfect with darker shades – let's say, grey sheet and a bit lighter square-patterned blanket with pillows. Shades of Baltic sand, light blue, or pink could be used to mix the colors of your pillows with square patterns. Also, you could choose a similar shade sheet and match it with a square-patterned blanket.

What combination of this pattern and other Bedroommood colors you personally like the most?

Audinga: window pattern and Baltic sand

Jurgita: window pattern and light grey


What tendencies do you see in bedrooms when creating new interiors and designs?

Audinga: Although most bedrooms are still light, neutral, and minimalistic, we slowly notice that people are not afraid to try a bit richer, darker, and earthy colors. These colors create a more intimate and calmer atmosphere, which is great for sleeping and resting. Also, people are not afraid to try out new home textiles details. After all, home textile products, such as bedding, blankets, or curtains, are one of the easiest solutions to add life to your interior. And of course, once your mood or wishes change, you can easily change home textiles too.

Do you have any advice on what bedding colors would suit specific bedroom interiors?

Audinga: When talking about bedroom colors and textiles, I suggest choosing earthy and natural colors to create a calm atmosphere, which increases the quality of your sleep. It is essential to know the side which your bedroom faces when choosing colors and shades of your bedding. The light in the northern rooms will be colder and blueish, so you should choose rich and darker colors as light colors might look too pale. Meanwhile, the southern light accentuates rich colors (it might be too much) while making light colors even more illuminating. Also, you have to observe how natural light changes the textures. I suggest avoiding contrasting colors, so when you choose your bedding set, try to match it with walls and furniture.

What would be your biggest advice to people who are designing their bedrooms?

Audinga: Don't overload the space and choose earthy and natural colors.

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