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Bedroom scents

Bedroom scents

  • Published on :01/19/2018
  • Author:Evelina

Pick a smell for your best sleep yet

Whether consciously or not, smells have a strong effect on the way we feel. Most of us probably own more than one bottle of perfume and choose one in the morning according to our mood. But what about the spaces we spend most of our time at? Say, bedroom. You probably already ensure that it gets plenty of fresh air every day, but once the windows are closed, the smell changes. Depending on what it is, it can either increase the quality of your sleep or, contrary, make it worse. Here, we talk about calming scents, and ways to introduce them to your bedroom.

Find your signature scent

The tradition of perfuming sheets is, in fact, older than that of a body. And it doesn’t come as a surprise – few things can beat the feeling of crawling into your bed, made up with fresh Egyptian cotton bedding. Realistically speaking, though, it’s practically impossible to keep changing the sheets every couple of days. Here is where linen sprays come in handy. If you don’t have any trouble falling asleep, yet waking up seems tricky at times, try a citrus-based spray. For those looking a 2in1 solution, a mixture of citrus with other scents will be perfect. Tarragon will ensure an easy transition into the dreamland, while grapefruit will make the morning easier. If you wish to make the mood of your bedroom slightly more positive, try the smells of greens. The smell of freshly cut grass and moss will instantly transition you into a happy summer afternoon. Linden is yet another plant essential oils of which are known to help you feel at ease and enjoy a better night’s sleep.

Keeping it fresh

Just as important it is to perfume your linens, it’s crucial to preserve the freshness. A large, quality blanket thrown on your duvet throughout the day will help to protect your sateen sheets or percale sheets greatly. And if you feel like that’s not enough, here is a little tip. Instead of changing all of the linens too often, simply swap out for new pillow cases. When buying sheets, get extra of those, and you will feel an instant refresh more often with very little effort.

Setting the mood

To ensure your whole bedroom is inviting to sleep – not just the bed – set the right atmosphere with a perfume diffuser. For something fresh, yet tender and romantic, choose the scent of fig. If you wish to feel as if it was a warm spring morning every day, try the mimosa. Those longing for nature at all times won’t resist the mix of wood and fir, while amber and vetiver will make you happy if you don’t shy away from stronger scents.

Choose a scent that you love

Scents can truly do wonders in the spaces we live at, so don’t shy away from perfuming your home. Whether it’s light and fresh citrus or deep and strong woods you pick doesn’t matter as much as the fact that you will enjoy it.

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