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Bedroom checklist for new home

Bedroom checklist for new home

  • Published on :01/12/2018
  • Author:Evelina

If you’ve just moved, or are considering the step, you might be aware that the process itself might be quite daunting. However, once you’re past the boxing-unboxing stage, your main focus is probably on making the new place feel like home. Here, we present some easy tips that will turn your new accommodation into the coziest spot from the moment you step in.

Make the bed

Your own bed is one of the things we miss most when we’re away from home. That is exactly the reason why you should start with unpacking boxes that belong in the bedroom. And once you’ve laid the mattress, make sure to make it properly. A nice way to celebrate your new place is to get a fresh, quality set of percale sheets or sateen sheets. Make sure it’s something that will be truly inviting. Oh, and don’t forget a cover! Chances are, there will be more dust than you wish in the beginning, so, to keep your beddings fresh, cover them with a nice navy baby alpaca throw or grey gotland wool blanket throughout the day. Bonus: you’ll love it even more when a strong need for a nap kicks in!

Get cozy

Even if you don’t usually spend too much time at home, it is recommended to stay a little longer after moving into a new place. Sure, social life that’s behind the walls is exciting, but you need to get familiar and comfortable with your new place. To make the evenings cozier, don’t forget a nice baby alpaca wool blanket you can wrap yourself into while reading a book in your new favorite spot.

Decorate all the way

New place, especially if it’s a rental, might lack personality in the very beginning. While unpacking the big things and the essentials first might sound sensible, don’t underestimate the power of little details. Throw a little baby alpaca cushion on your bed and your sofa for great support during moments of rest. Light a scented candle throughout the place – not only it will provide instant warmth, but the smell you choose will surely remind you it’s your home. Don’t forget wooden fragrance diffusers, too – they’re a great way to keep the air fresh and mask any remaining smells from previous owners. Also, both candles and diffusers will help you to find a signature smell that you can carry around with you. Thus, wherever you go, you will be able to carry a little bit of your home with you.

The details matter

While we normally rush to put out the big things in new places, we tend to sacrifice little things that are truly important to us. It might something as little as a candle or your favorite picture of your friends, but it can truly change how you feel. So don’t feel obliged to do everything according to the rules – you’ll be better off doing it the way you will love.

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