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Welcome to the world of Bedroommood!

We are a team of bedroom fanatics from Lithuania. Our shop will tell you a story about us – it represents our vision of a perfect bedroom. That’s why we created it. That’s why we decided to make bed linens ourselves. We didn’t want even the smallest compromise.

We believe in simple things. We are fans of minimalism. We wanted colours that would gently embrace you and will not disturb you on your way towards the state of ideal sleep.

But we are extremely picky when it comes to fabrics and the way things are made. Fabrics are the essence of bed linens. Quality fabrics talk to your body while you sleep. They bring you good dreams.

We aim to provide you with ways to reach a point of pure rest. This is our mission. If you are looking for quality and stylish linens or home accessories, this is a place to stay longer.

Let’s be friends!

We love minimal

We create for those who love urban simplicity. Tradition of Scandinavian design is the one closest to our hearts and eyes.

Simple things that only have details indispensable for their function. Straight lines, smooth surfaces. Refreshing, but calm colours. We believe that design should help the function. Our design solutions are here to assist you on your journey towards pure rest.

We worked with well-known Lithuanian designer Vida Vyšniauskienė from architectural firm Vilius ir partneriai. Vida is famous for her minimalist projects that perfectly blend into environment. The colour palette of our collection is a fruit of our collaboration.

Fabric science

When it comes to fabrics, we strive to provide you with the best possible quality. We study, learn and search for the best materials, so you can be totally satisfied with our products.

We believe that unique fabrics add so much more to bed linens and home accessories. They are great to touch, to look at and they sooth your body. Quality materials give much longer life to linens and accessories.

We collect only the best Egyptian cotton (300 thread count) for our bed linens. We use Gotland sheep wool, a very special kind of wool, for our blankets. We offer baby alpaca wool with our throws and cushions – probably the best thing you can get in wool category in the world.

We know that design is a matter of taste. But discussions end when it comes to quality of fabrics. You don’t have to worry about quality of our materials. So, return to design issues and pick your favourite colour!

Manufactured in Lithuania

We are crazy about every single item we produce and sell, so we want to be able to follow all the process of manufacturing. From the selection of fabrics to the final product.

That’s why we chose to manufacture our bed linens close to home, in Lithuania. It’s a small but experienced sewing enterprise that can ensure top level of production.

Perfect price and
quality mix

We love good design and top quality. But we, as all humans, know that price also matters. It was another reason to produce our bedding linens ourselves.

The trick is simple. Manufacturing our products we cut out of the chain the wholesaler part. Our products go straight from the sewing workshop to our e-shop and to you.

Our life gets a bit harder. But it is worth the effort. This way we can guarantee the best quality and price mix. Good for you – good for us!

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